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Aikido is Cool

October 18th, 2013 · No Comments

Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido.

Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido.

I practice several martial arts, including Karate, Hapkido, Kempo, Silat and Kali. I must admit that I’ve always dismissed Aikido as being more of a dance than a martial art. I never considered it to be a realistic self-defense style. Okay, I even made fun of it from time to time.

Recently, however, I found myself with Saturdays free. There’s an Aikido school in my hometown and I’ve heard good things about it, and they have Saturday classes. So I decided to try it out.

Maybe it’s the highly skilled instructor, or maybe it’s the fast pace of the classes, or maybe it’s the dedicated and friendly students – or maybe all the above have combined to produce a learning experience that is absolutely amazing. I get a tremendous workout, I find the techniques to be challenging and fun, and I recognize the sound self-defense principles at the heart of it.

The stick and sword techniques are unfamiliar to me, but I appreciate the precision these techniques require.

In conclusion: Aikido – at least as it is practiced at this school – is cool.

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Sincerity is Cool

May 23rd, 2013 · No Comments

Sincerity is cool.

Sincerity is cool. That’s the truth.

Taking advantage of others is not cool. Being a hypocrite, hurting others for your own personal gain, mocking or humiliating those who are less fortunate – none of that is cool.

Be honest with people. Be sincere with yourself, too. That means looking honestly at your own faults and working on fixing them.

Sincerity is cool in part because it’s confident. It takes a person who’s extremely assured in himself to be himself with no pretension. You don’t have to hide. Be true and be you. Be sincere.

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Cool Pick-Up Lines

April 13th, 2012 · No Comments

Beautiful young blonde women with blue eyes

What so many guys don’t seem to understand is that the best pickup line is not a pickup line. Next time you see a beautiful woman who you would like to get to know, stop for a moment and look at her. What’s special about her (tits and ass aside)? Does she have beautiful hair? Nice eyes? Cool shoes? Tell her so.

Go up and say, “Your hair is fantastic, I love the cut.” If she responds well, then you’ve got your opening. Keep it real. Say, “My name is John, what’s yours?”

She says, “Corey.” Great, now you’re in a conversation.

If you’re in a situation where there’s time to talk, like at a party for example, then just go from there. If not, then say something like, “I’d like to get to you know you better. How about we meet for a cup of coffee sometime?” And ask for her number. Or, if you like, give her yours. If she’s interested enough she will call, I guarantee it.

It’s that simple. If you want to meet a woman, be sincere and be confident.

I was once in line at a big record store in SF. The young woman at the register was new and was being taught by another employee. Her name tag said “Sarah”. She was so beautiful, I fell in love at first sight. When I got to the front of the line, I tuned out the senior employee and all the people behind me in line. I focused only on Sarah and I said, “You are so beautiful. Your eyes are amazing, they are like oceans of blue.” What happened next was amazing, and I am not making this up. Sarah almost swooned. She had to hold on to the edge of the counter to keep from falling.

I didn’t ask for her number. I gave her my card, paid for my CD, and left. The next day, Sarah called and we went on a date. When I asked her why she decided to call me, she said, “I wanted to see what kind of man would do something like that.”

Get it? She wanted to see what kind of guy would be confident enough to put himself out there like that with everyone watching. That’s what turns women on. Not arrogance, but confidence and sincerity.

What happened with Sarah? That first date was incredible and ended up with the two of us at my place kissing. We saw each other for a few months after that. It didn’t work out in the end, but it was great while it lasted.

That’s how it’s done. This kind of thing has worked for me over and over. My friends say, “Dude, you are the mac daddy, teach me your lines.” But I don’t have a line, that’s the whole point.

Once when I was a bike messenger in San Francisco I was riding down the street and I saw a stunningly beautiful black woman walking on the sidewalk. I pulled over and said, “Hi, how are you?” She said “fine”. I said, “Are you doing anything for dinner tonight?” Just like that. She said, “Why do you want to know?” I said, “Because if not, I would love to take you to dinner. Listen, I have to run, but here’s my card. Give me a call if you’re interested.” And I took off.

Later that evening my phone rang, and it was her. We talked, went on a date to Golden Gate Park, and that amazingly beautiful woman became my next girlfriend. Oh, it turns out that she didn’t call me blind. She stopped another messenger on the street, showed him my card and asked if he knew me. The other messenger – lucky! – was a friend of mine and said, “Yeah, he’s a cool dude. Really nice guy.” So she called me.

And you know what, she never could get over the way we met. She used to say, “I can’t believe you just pulled up and asked me what I was doing for dinner.”

On the other hand, if you want to be slapped, laughed at or insulted, go up to a woman and say, “I know its not Christmas, but Santa’s lap is always ready.”

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Coolest Martial Arts: Hapkido, Japanese Jujitsu, Judo and Silat

January 31st, 2012 · No Comments

Face it, martial arts are cool. All martial arts. That’s why action heroes like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are household names. But, as a martial artist myself, there are four arts that I happen to think are the pinnacle of cool:

1. Hapkido

Hapkido is a Korean martial art that is derived from Japanese Jujitsu. It is a joint locking art – meaning that it specializes in manipulating, locking up and breaking the attacker’s wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, etc. It also has an extensive throwing and striking repertoire. It’s the most thorough and comprehensive martial art I have ever seen.

2. Japanese Jujitsu

There are many styles of Japanese Jujitsu, including Danzan Ryu and Wally Jay’s Small Circle Jujitsu. But I’m thinking in particular of the highly refined styles of Hakko-Ryu and Kokodo Jujitsu. These are pain compliance styles, dealing with extremely painful joint locks and pressure point strikes. Styles like this can be tedious to learn and take many, many years to master. But here’s the thing: in the hands of an expert, they look like magic. Imagine someone grabs your shirt, shoulder or lapel. You lay your hand on top of his, and with no further contact you drop him down onto the ground, face down, shrieking in agony. Sound impossible? It’s not. It’s the coolness of Jujitsu.

3. Judo

Again, a nearly magical Japanese martial art. By learning to sense the energy of your opponent’s movement and harmonize with it, and by learning principles of leverage, you can flip a guy over your hip or shoulder, toss him through the air, and dump him on his head. Great stuff.

4. Silat

Here we’re breaking ranks a bit. The previous arts were all East Asian, but now we’re moving south, to Malaysia and the islands of Indonesia, where we find the most brutal and devastating martial arts ever created: Pencak Silat, or Silat for short. There are hundreds of styles of Silat, but all are viciously efficient. They are close-quarter arts, utilizing elbow strikes, knee strikes, head manipulation (whiplash), and low-line kicks to utterly destroy the enemy. They also focus heavily on blade work, including knife fighting, machete and sword. If you’re looking to fight off predators in the harsh urban environment, you can’t go wrong with the super-cool and super deadly art.

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1,000 Ways to Make Money

July 6th, 2011 · No Comments

1,000 Ways to Make Money Online

1,000 Ways to Make Money Online

This is a very cool book by Rob Rednalab, an experienced internet entrepreneur, that lists 1,000 different ways to make money online. Many of these require zero start-up capital. It’s the The ultimate encyclopedia of money making ideas!

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Blogging to the Bank 3.0

May 29th, 2009 · No Comments

I mentioned Blogging to the Bank 2.0 below, but there is an updated version out now:  Blogging to the Bank 3.0.

It’s a simple method of making money by blogging (a LOT of money, in some cases) that works. It’s easy to master, and it can provide a steady and even lucrative income to anyone who takes the time to learn it. That’s pretty cool, you have to admit. In today’s economy, with layoffs everywhere, it’s good to know there are alternatives. I personally have not worked a “job” since 2003, and yet I bought two homes (the second one fully paid for in cash) and a car. So yes, I recommend  Blogging to the Bank 3.0!

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Singapore Food Recipes: Very Cool!

February 22nd, 2008 · No Comments

What do you get when you take the creators of some of the tastiest food in the world – Chinese, Indians and Malays – and squeeze them all onto a small island for hundreds of years and let them mix?

You get the best food in the world, namely the food of Singapore. Singaporean recipes include the most amazing flavors of the famous Singapore food stalls and restaurants. This is food that’s versatile, flavorful and healthy. It’s the coolest food in the world.

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Ten Cool Things

November 14th, 2007 · No Comments

If you had Ten Cool Things, life would be perfect. So what are they? I like gadgets, martial arts, and ice cream. Maybe you like white wine, and French films. No problem. I’ve compiled a list of Ten Cool Things that supersede differences in taste. Everyone will find exciting things here.

1. Love: How to Be Irresistible to Women or Men.

Did you know that there are some fairly simple techniques you can learn that will make you virtually irresistible to the opposite sex? It’s true. Behavioral scientists have known about these techniques for a long time. Some people have them naturally and we say those people have “charisma,” but these techniques can be learned easily. They send powerful signals to a woman’s subconscious (or a man, if you are female) telling them that you are desirable and sexy.

2. Happiness: The Totally Tranquil Stress Relief Program.

Happiness is total relaxation, total comfort. This program is very cool. All you do is put on a pair of headphones and listen. It directly affects your brainwaves to induce euphoria, relaxtion and creativity.

Also Recommended: Success & Inner Strength. Four Simple Steps To Empower You In All Areas Of Your Life.

It might sound like just another workout program, but this book is really a plan to escape the prison of your past. If you’re haunted by feelings of depression, hurt and betrayal, this book will help you escape your emotional prison and embrace a future of hope, fulfillment and love.

3. Health: Fat Loss For Idiots.

Ok, maybe you’re not an idiot. And maybe you’re not fat. But we could all stand to lose a few pounds for our health and our sex appeal. Fat Loss 4 Idiots will get you there easier and faster than anything you’ve tried.

4. Strength: I’ve got one word for you: Dumbbells.

Yes, dumbbells! Gyms today are full of all sorts of complex machines, some of which are a mystery, and some that are downright dangerous. People have forgotten the basics. There is no better way to get totally muscular and ripped than with dumbbells. You can transform your body with dumbbells.

5. Charisma: Conversation Fire & Charisma Secrets.

What is charisma? What makes some people charming, magnetic and attractive, and others not? Wouldn’t it be cool if it were something you could learn easily? Well, it is! It’s about certain behaviors and subconscious cues that you send out that tell people that you are confident and sexy, and that make them want to get to know you and please you.

6. Sex: 500 Lovemaking Tips & Secrets.

Get more passion and intimacy in your life with these great lovemaking tips from an Oprah romance expert. I thought I knew a lot about lovemaking, but there’s some great stuff in here that was totally new to me, and not necessarily kinky stuff either, but little ways and places to touch and caress that drive a person wild… ok, enough of that, I’m getting hot now.

For Men in Particular: Sex God Secrets

This one is incredible and will blow you away. Most men never learn these secrets and the ones that do can’t keep the women away. There’s nothing else this good on this subject on the internet.

7. Money: Blogging to the Bank 2.0

Yes, this works. If I told you how much money people make blogging, you wouldn’t believe me. Just try it yourself. You don’t have to be a great writer, either. Just follow this blueprint that lays it all out for you: what subjects and keywords to write about, how to monetize the blog, and how to set it up so it runs practically on autopilot.

Also Recommended: If you already have a website and even a small mailing list, you have to check out 15k In 7 Days – Super Affiliate Style. This Walmart employee with a tiny mailing list made $15,000 in 7 days using this little known affiliate program.

8. Style: The Men’s Grooming Handbook

Men who are well dressed and groomed make more money, get more attention from women, have more sex, get better care from doctors, and are promoted more quickly at work. The Men’s Grooming Handbook will tell you what you need to know about clothing, hair care, hygiene issues, your smile, and more.

9. Food

Ah, food! A person can put up with just about any hardship if the food is good. Here is my favorite cookbook, loaded with delicious recipes:

500+ Healthy Chinese Recipes: Chef Nicholas Zhou has 45 years of experience cooking Chinese food. His book was a bestseller in China, so you know it has to be good. Now it’s available in English for the first time.

10. Free Fun – Painting in the Woods

“Never let lack of money interfere with having fun.” ~Unknown

Back when we were young, we may have asked our parents for money to do things, but more often than not, we found creative ways to have fun without spending a dime.

Here’s an idea: get out into the woods, tack a canvas up between two trees, and paint. Make sure to put a tarp on the ground so you don’t drip any paint on the forest floor. Don’t worry about being perfect. Just let your hand flow and paint what you see. You’ll get fresh air, hear forest sounds, and create something fun.

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